Department of Health and Human Services


2377 N Stemmons Fwy Dallas, TX 75207


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DCHHS mission

Dallas County Health and Human Services – 2377 N. Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75207

Telephone: 214-819-2000

The mission of the Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services is to protect the health of the citizens of Dallas County through disease prevention and intervention, and through promotions of a healthy community and environment. This is done through assessment, community input education, disease monitoring, regulation, and health services that help control the spread of disease.

Resources, both human and financial, are directed toward areas where improvement in public health services is needed. The department will make every effort to ensure the people of Dallas County receive information and services needed to maintain and improve their health and provide good stewardship of public resources.

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12 reviews for “Department of Health and Human Services

  1. Samantha J.

    They have helped me after my Husband’s death very thankful for the hard working people at the DCHHS!!

  2. Bob C.

    I think other ones could learn a few things from this one! Every time I have ever came or took someone we was never in long and they have always helped with everything!

  3. Nicole C.

    It’s been along time since I had to receive services. I’ve never had a problem here. The people are very nice & helpful!

  4. Sarah A.

    They provided me with the best services for assistance, thank you guys for your great job!

  5. Alex S.

    My caseworker made sure the paperwork went through and I was able to go to the doctor the next week. I really needed that, I’m so happy they really helped me when I thought no one would !!!

  6. Thomas F.

    DCHHS displayed absolute professionalism as they courageously serviced each. Organized, plenty of seating, provisions made for handicap and seniors. Pleasant and attentive staff. Thank You for your Services to the surrounding communities during this difficult times that ALL is experiencing!

  7. Laura T.

    There nice and courteous they help every step of the way. Thanks so much DCHHS!

  8. Daniel B.

    The receptionist who handles the vaccinations has the best attitude and perform multitask. I am glad the manager came and helped us out and the overall service is great!

  9. Martha Torres

    Everyone at the DCHHS has been helpful and respectful to my son and I. I hadn’t utilized government services in a long time but my son is in need and we’ve had nothing short of good prompt service there.

  10. Ovi C.

    The person at the front desk was professional, patient, kind, understanding & helpful- Thank You!

  11. Andy T.

    I was pleasantly surprised to receive such great attention and help from DCHHS. The caseworker helped me without reserve. Service like this at DDCHS is not a norm. I appreciate you ladies!

  12. John M.

    Good experiences here! The staff treated me with dignity and respect, and were willing to help where they could.

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