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Doing business with traditionally underutilized suppliers is important to us. It helps us to better serve the communities in which we live and work. And we can purchase a broader range of high-quality products and services.

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To join our Supplier Diversity Program, businesses must be certified as:

  • Minority owned
  • Woman owned
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender owned
  • Veteran owned
  • Disability owned
  • A small business enterprise

We accept certification from these third-party organizations:

  • National Minority Supplier Development Council®
  • Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
  • National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • U.S. Business Leadership Network
  • U.S. Small Business Administration
  • Approved state, city, or local government municipalities, on a case-by-case basis

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  • Montefiore literally saved my life 13 years ago and continues to keep me alive till this day. Their Doctors go above and beyond and truly care about their patients. Do the right thing and come to an agreement. How would you feel if you were FORCED to either go to other Doctors or pay an exorbitant deductible for out of network and then have to pay 40% on top of that. What kind of choice is that?

  • Sooo, I'm trying to have my daughter annual physical done before she goes to University out of state and this Aetna rep is telling me I need to take her out of University and bring her back to Maryland after September 12 to have it done. I asked for a supervisor and was told all supervisors and managers are the phone. How convenient is this bullcrap. Where is the customer service after paying my dues on time for the last 10 years??????

  • Ugh. Aetna! Come on! I want a human to answer!

  • I received a series of letters today from Aetna saying "your doctor is leaving the network" or "your specialist is leaving the network" or "your hospital is leaving the network"! none of the names or address i could recognise. I called the members number to find out what exactly was going on..... after half hour on the phone the customer services rep said that this is a generic letter informing people that Aetna is negotiating contracts with these providers!!!!!!!! MAYBE YOU SHOULD CONSIDER REPHRASING THE LETTERS SAYING- JUST INFORMING YOU THE FOLLOWING DOCTORS OUR LEAVING OUR NETWORK- PLEASE CHECK IF ANY OF THEM IS ONE YOU RE USING! I mean seriously..... do you think people have time to waste.....

  • Why is it that the surgery center my in-network doctor uses is not covered by Aetna?

  • Thanks to Melinda in customer service who answered my call when I was screaming like a lunatic because the pharmacy was telling me my kids medication (which she has been on since Oct) is suddenly not covered. She never spoke down to me and kept her cool when I completely failed to do so. Her professionalism is top notch. And I am sorry I didn't tell her as much after she helped me walk through the process and correct the problem with the pharmacist.

  • Runaway, if you can! These guys are the worst. No clarity on their website, so you have to call in and talk to a representative. Then depending on who you talk to you get bad information. For example, I was told my allergy tests would be covered 100% because they were diagnostic, next thing I know I'm getting a bill of $250 from my provider. When I called and spoke to a different Aetna rep they told me I was misinformed and that the tests done were found to be unnecessary and they had to take the money back. Same thing happened with some of my prenatal care-one person told me they cannot cover things like a glucose tolerance test (a routine and standard test to make sure you do not have gestational diabetes). When I was asked by my provider why I couldn't do the test, I told them what Aetna told me, which was it wasn't considered necessary. The hospital was obviously concerned enough that they wrote Aetna a letter and asked that I call them again to confirm cost and why a preventative test for the health and safety of myself and unborn child wouldn't be covered. Just got off the phone with a rep (who by the way seems to hate her job as much as people hate her company) who informed me that they have a list of approve procedures and that the GTT is actually covered, but I'm not betting on it. I'm betting that I'll be told this time I'm ok, but months later I'll be sent an obscene bill from Aetna or my provider because Aetna loves to screw their customers.

  • Nourish your mind and body with your own unique experiences, not a version of someone else’s.

  • Removed all insulins from your formulary... this company is a bunch of greedy shady death mongers! Way to take good care of the 29 million American people with Diabetes.

  • We have signed on to Aetna Advantage Medicare and we are very disappointed, angry even. First they would not authorize a physician-recommended MRI of lumbar spine, rather requiring 6 weeks of rehabilitation therapy (RT). Once completed with no discernible improvement, they relented and authorized MRI. As a result, physician recommended sub-dural injections to relieve pain. Again Aetna denied coverage. So, what's the point of having this insurance coverage? Next sign-up period will will NOT sign up to Aetna again. Have a nice day.

  • It takes a lot to piss me off, but I’m there!! AETNA HEALTH INSURANCE IS THE BIGGEST PILE OF SHITTTT INSURANCE COMPANY EVER!! I’ve been dealing with them for literally months now to get anything accomplished.. I’ve jumped through about every hoop a person could jump through. Previously I had Blue Care Network and they weren’t to bad at all. I hear some people complain about them but let me tell you they are night and day different from AETNA. AETNA Isn’t even worth having as far as I’m concerned. I have 4 complete pages of times, dates, phone#’s, fax#’s, and most of the people’s names I’ve talked. I’ve spent countless hours on the phone (during work, and at home). If you’re an employer looking to get health insurance for your employee look right past AETNA. Your employees will waste much of there time at work and at home trying to get simple things accomplished. It isn’t worth the money. I can’t wait to get rid of them.

  • The ultimate alternative remedy? Salt water. Rich in benefits, saline can relieve sore muscles and treat skin conditions like eczema and acne. Who said you needed to go all the way to the beach to feel great?

  • AENTA has been my families insurance provider for decades and have up until this point in time been a good provider. Their most recent performance with my rare and incurable immune issue is turning into a nightmare. I was diagnosed with Myasthinia Gravis in the fall of 2013. Myasthinia Gravis is where the immune system attacks the nerve connections to the voluntary muscles. It is consider and MD disease that no know cure is know. This impacts around 2% of the people in the world based upon my research and very few physicians other than muscular neurologist and neurologist that are MG specialist really have any idea how to monitor, treat and try to manage this issue. AETNA IS NOW REGUSING TO COVER IVIG COST that 1) they have covered in the recent past, 2) refuses to include an Myasthinia Gravis Medical Professional in the discussion and 3) declines coverage when they do not meet the minimum requirements they established in their policy. I understand this is not a cheap issue....however, after living with this for 5 years having the professional services of 3 different neurologist, and those neurologist have consulted with Myasthinia Gravis Medical professionals in Syracuse, NY and Phoenix, AZ, I don't think the medical approach to manage and control this issue is haphazard. I am beginning to think AETNA is. For whoever reviews this inside the company, you need to include rare disease proffesionals in any decision regarding treatment to meet the fundamental Medical Necessary statement with in the policy manual. Otherwise you are risking a extended hospital stay like I had during the 2st qtr if 2018 or even possibly causing a death. Wake up folks. Follow your own policy general statements prior to declining.

  • In difficult times, it’s crucial for people to feel truly heard. Know how to actively listen the next time someone needs to talk through a problem.

  • I own a medical billing/credentialing business. I am reaching out to you via social media, as I have not been able to resolve contracting issues for several months. A couple of my providers have been trying to get on your network panel since 11/2017 and 1/2018. Again, despite numerous calls to customer service where I'm told my issues will be escalated, nothing is completed. Please let me know if there is anyone stateside that can help these Eastern Nebraska providers. You may also email me at

  • Let me get this straight. I go to my in network doctor for a routine annual physical where routine lab work is done. Something that has always been covered. But now, I get stuck with the full bill for the lab services because the doctor sent the bloodwork to a different lab. I've never had to dictate what lab my in network doctor sends my labs to and this has never been an issue in the past. I'm supposed to know what 3rd party the doctor uses? And somehow vitamin D testing is no longer a covered service regardless of what lab? Seriously, if this wasnt my employer sponsored health plan I would drop Aetna.

  • Struggling with a chronic condition? Here are 5 things that can help.

  • The sugary sweet "We're there for you" themed Aetna posts and ads make me beyond angry. Don't go telling me you care about me "living my best" life or any of that nonsense. If you did, you wouldn't deny my 2 year old - with a DIAGNOSED speech delay - speech therapy. You claim it's not medically necessary - our pediatrician and speech pathologist disagree. Your bureaucratic red tape makes it impossible to get my family the care they need - All to make sure your multi billionaire CEO has his well stuffed pockets nice and full. DISGUSTING.

  • The worst health insurer on the planet. They go to ridiculous, bleeding edge lengths not to pay out - anything. I've never managed to collect from them.

  • Will be changing plans in December...

  • First Health Part D sucks.. In the beginning my prescription drugs was manageable. Now they tell me that since I am in some donut hole it went from $41 to $288.. Victoza.. Screwed by Merck now by Aetna!!!

  • My Grandson I am raising Has Aetna. This year The State of Ky is Requiring 2 new Vaccinations before he can attend school for the 2018-2019 school year. I took him to the local Walgreens Pharmacy today to get them, And Aetna doesn't cover one of them, The Meningococcal vaccine is over $130 which I don't have to spare being retired on disability. Aetna is denying coverage for a Vaccination that is Mandatory by the STATE for school children to have in order to attend school? So What now? I don't pay my electric and risk getting shut off or something to comply with the state of Ky so I will be in compliance?, Or do I let the school make him stay home until I am charged with truancy?

  • How does one have a right rotator cuff repair, subcromial decompression surgery being right hand dominant, pain level is 10, arm in a sling, in physical therapy 3x per week, and Aetna ONLY approves a claim for 7 days????!!!! Surgery was on 7/11/18 and Aetna closed the claim on 7/31/18! Is this a joke???!!!I’ve been working STD claims for 17 years. This is unheard of! Who trains the adjusters??!!! #PresdentialComplaintComingFast

  • Garbage Short term disability. They drag the process out.

  • Aetna, what does it take for you to stop calling me on my cell. I do not want your insurance and have asked repeatedly for you to stop calling. You are like a bad boyfriend.