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The key to success and innovation in a multicultural world

Doing business with traditionally underutilized suppliers is important to us. It helps us to better serve the communities in which we live and work. And we can purchase a broader range of high-quality products and services.

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To join our Supplier Diversity Program, businesses must be certified as:

  • Minority owned
  • Woman owned
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender owned
  • Veteran owned
  • Disability owned
  • A small business enterprise

We accept certification from these third-party organizations:

  • National Minority Supplier Development Council®
  • Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
  • National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • U.S. Business Leadership Network
  • U.S. Small Business Administration
  • Approved state, city, or local government municipalities, on a case-by-case basis

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  • I just had to switch to AETNA this year . . . what a nightmare! My current medical supplier is out of their network. So I must find one in their network to get a 5 L oxygen Concentrator. I was transferred to 3 different people, spent 45 min on the phone.(AETNA music sucks) One person asked me what do a need it for? (Not the brightest crayon in the box). Another person tells me I must be re-cirtified that I have COPD. and their doctors MUST APPROVE IT! I've had it of over 8 years, and it's not getting better! Meanwhile I have to return my current oxygen Concentrator to the company I have had it with for the past 5 years . . . because they are out of network. Sooooo, AETNA . . . . how long do I have to go having a low oxygen concentration . . . without the Concentrator my blood's oxygen level can go way below 85%!

  • Hello, for days my company has been trying to reach someone who can provide me with a W-9. Since Aetna is a vendor of ours, I need to have a completed W-9 in order to determine if a 1099 needs to be sent. Please put me in touch with someone in your accounting department who knows what I'm requesting. No one who answers your phones seems to understand my request. Thanks!

  • I wish you would get rid of referrals. Otherwise I like the service.

  • Aetna: It’s been over two weeks since I posted this message and there has been no resolution and I haven’t heard anything beyond “we are looking into it”.... My name is Dr. Rebecca G. Cowan and I am a provider in Virginia who has been trying to become re-credentialed with Aetna for over a year. I first submitted my application on Dec 3, 2017. I didn't hear back for many months. I finally called a few months later and no one could find my application in the system. I submitted a 2nd application and called back a few weeks later--it couldn't be found in the system. I submitted a third time and finally received a provider agreement/contract. I completed the 92 page agreement and submitted it a few weeks ago. I called Aetna to confirm they received it--and they couldn't find me in the system. They have no idea where the agreement came from because they cannot locate me in their system as a provider using my TIN, NPI, or SSN. There is no reply email listed on the agreement. I had to locate the person who sent it to me (Chastity Meyer) on LinkedIn and send a personal message asking her to clear this up--I never heard back. When I contacted Aetna last week--one woman put me on hold and said she would be back in 2 minutes--I waited 30 minutes and she never returned. I talked to two other customer service reps that day trying to determine what on earth I need to do to become re-credentialed with you. Honestly--I would never even move forward with all of this if it wasn't for a few of my clients who are switching to Aetna Jan 1 as this has been nothing but a colossal waste of my time. The last customer service rep told me I had to start from the beginning and resubmit an application--which I did last week. She also said that she was going to submit my case to "regional"--whatever that means and that I would hear back in 7 days..well guess what...I didn't. I asked to speak to a manager and the customer service rep said she couldn't find one. Just tell me whether you are going to credential me or not instead of making me jump through hoop after hoop with no solution or result. I'm a very busy professional and have no interest in spending day after day on hold waiting to see if someone can find me in "the system". I have the contract that I signed--I would happily email it to you. The customer service rep didn't seem interested in that as a solution--instead starting over from the beginning---which I have done 5 times now---seems to be the only way. I have been credentialed with you before--it wasn't this complicated. I left that practice back in 2013 and started my own last year--I need to be credentialed under my new TIN or SSN.

  • What the HELL is wrong with this company? I have called repeatedly after being unable to register as a new user online. I have waited on hold for over 25 minutes then after giving up and calling back another 5 minutes and this is AFTER talking to a rep which takes several minutes of waiting. I guess if I'm put off long enough I'll die and solve both our problems. The last rep asked me why I wanted to register 😡 Why? Really?

  • This company is crooked as can be. After being told by multiple people that my daughters dental claim was covered and jumping through all their hoops they denied it. I strongly suggest going with a company that is honest and cares about their customers.

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  • Hey Aetna! This is one of yours. Maybe you could help them out?

  • i need prior authorization for urgent care and your offices are freaking closed?? people have health issues on the weekends!!!

  • Since CPT psychological testing codes changed with 2019, if I received precertification for testing in 2018, but am doing part of the testing covered under that precertification in 2019, do I use the old or new CPT codes for 2019 testing? If I do have to use the 2019 CPT codes for 2019 testing, do I start at the codes that indicate previous testing? Any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Do you know when Vital Savings Dental secure communication will be functioning ?

  • Please provide the name and phone number of someone at corporate who can discuss how Aetna is engaging in age discrimination on medications. I posted something the other day, sent an email as requested and never heard back except for another canned, blanket response.

  • Aetna Medicare PPO lies to get people to sign up. They lied about the cost of imaging services like MRI/CT was told it would be 5-95 dollars, NOT it was 225. that is a lot of difference. Medication cost are significantly higher than other plans. They are using people without credentials to make decisions. MY doctor called to get a medication approved but when I went to obtain these medications, NOT. I spent over 1.5 hrs and still could not resolve the issue due to the Walmart type supervisor. I called an placed an complaint with the Department of Insurance with the state of LA. Stay for away from this company. I worked for them years ago, Horrible company.

  • I just learned today that my OneTouch blood glucose meter isn’t covered anymore. This is AFTER I received a letter about a possible change and a call to RX Member Services in which they told me I wouldn’t have any problem. Now I’m told that I HAVE to use an Accu-Check meter. They have poor reviews on their devices and the app to connect thru Bluetooth. It’s a substandard meter! How am I supposed to manage my diabetes with substandard equipment!?!?!? I was told that I could pay out of pocket. WHY AM I PAYING AETNA IF I HAVE TO PAY OUT IF POCKET FOR RELIABLE TREATMENT? This is all after choosing my plan through work which I am bound to for the next year.

  • I just had a awful experience with one of your reps. I called looking for somone to give me REAL anwsers to my questions and to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY even if it wasn't her fault and help me reach a solution and a better understanding of your very confusing system by your own design. Instead all i got was a terrible additude and placed on hold for 15 minutes when i got upset with her. RIDICULOUS! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. SHE DIDNT EVEN TRANSFER ME JUST LEFT ME ON HOLD. IF YOU CANT DO YOUR JOB TRANSFER ME TO SOMEONE WHO CAN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Home-cooked meals do more than fill your belly. They also help your health in four surprising ways.

  • Aetna seems to be engaging in age-discrimination. It actually states in my plan that I cannot get a topical skin cream I used for years prior to having Aetna that the drug is not covered. Why? "This drug is not age appropriate". Seriously? So because I'm older, I'm no longer entitled to treatment of a skin condition? When I called them out on it, I get a canned response about appealing. AARP, can you believe this?

  • Aetna- why won’t you cover continuous glucose monitors for type 2 diabetics? Is it because the patient might be able to monitor better and easier than multiple finger sticks a day, may be able to control their blood sugar better and may be able to reduce or even stop medications, thereby also stop making obscene payments to you? Come join the 21st century and have a bit of concern for your patients.

  • We are dealing with the same exact thing a lot of people are. Insulin is $200, and gabapetin is $100/month! My wife will probably die because we cant afford it. I will have to work overtime every week to pay for it, and not have a dime leftover to show for it. So my heart goes out to you all. Aetna is no help whatsoever for people who need it.

  • Please review this. Care is needed. Blessings. 🙏🏻

  • So Aetna/CVS lost two prescriptions mailed to them by my doctor. They again are taking no responsibility and the only way I can get any one there to notice that there is a problem is to come to their Facebook Page and flame all over it. So here it is - Aetna and CVS are two reasons that we need national healthcare. Private companies are in it only for the money.

  • After checking all negative comments on Aetna page we can understand why we can’t leave a review. Actually this say it all, very bad experience very unprofessional. Definitely a bad choice for an international insurance specially if you live in Africa and need a company with experience in Africa !

  • Why is it that Aetna feels the need to torture patients by not approving the prescriptions they need?

  • Hello, my Dad is an Aetna Medicare Advantage member, he's been hospitalized and needs rehab before coming home. Rehab has been declined. He is a fall risk and has dementia. It is not safe for him to come home, you only have to look at him to see that, and so I'm sure there is something they are over-looking. Is there a department that handles such disputes?