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Doing business with traditionally underutilized suppliers is important to us. It helps us to better serve the communities in which we live and work. And we can purchase a broader range of high-quality products and services.

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To join our Supplier Diversity Program, businesses must be certified as:

  • Minority owned
  • Woman owned
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender owned
  • Veteran owned
  • Disability owned
  • A small business enterprise

We accept certification from these third-party organizations:

  • National Minority Supplier Development Council®
  • Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
  • National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • U.S. Business Leadership Network
  • U.S. Small Business Administration
  • Approved state, city, or local government municipalities, on a case-by-case basis

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  • Aetna has the worst customer service!

  • no card, no help, no aetna!!

  • You are the WORST COMPANY EVER!! You have failed for the last two years to issue a check to the provider of services, which then went to collections! I have been calling for TWO YEARS!! I’ve provided every ounce of information and paperwork needed and the check has been reissued for the 3rd time WRONG!!! Every time I call I get some off shore call center who doesn’t seem to know what they’re doing and clearly can’t accurately review notes and calls handled by the “on-shore” (as they refer to the) associates. I have called over 20 time regarding the same issue and have had NO RESOLUTION!! I have requested a manager multiple times to resolve and keep being promised with call reference numbers it’s being handled. It hasn’t!! TODAY THE CHECK WAS ISSUED AGAIN WRONG!! I am filing a claim with NAIC and maybe that will HELP get this resolved and be final!!

  • Aetna is the most pitiful insurance company I've ever had to deal with. My husband has learned that he has an aggressive form of colon cancer and is scheduled to see a surgeon next Tuesday. We are being given the run-around about approval on a CT scan that was ordered ASAP and STAT by Dr. Jonathan Ricker, the gastroenterologist. Aetna told us yesterday it was approved and Desert Radiology would receive approval this morning; today we are told it is not approved yet and there is normally a two day turnaround. OMG! How many people have died of cancer because of this pathetic excuse? People at Aetna must not be able to sleep well at night because of all the lies they tell patients.

  • This is the Biggest Fraud company in the world. I spoke to an agent in Feb concerning a bill that was processed wrong. He assured me that 6-7 days and the charge would be taken care of. Have not heard anything from Aetna or the clinic since then. Today I get a bill from the clinic and nothing has changed, if anything the amount is higher. Nothing from Aetna ever telling me that they had elected to do nothing. Over two months, promises from an agent that were lies and now left holding the bag. I will never have health insurance with this fraudulent company again, even if it means going without health insurance. CROOKS AND THIEVES.

  • still no insurance card as promised !

  • Seriously Aetna? An MRI technician uses the word "mild" to describe my wife's herniated disk and disk fragment, and you won't approve her microdiscectomy. She can't sit, which means she can't drive. She is a full commission salesperson on a sales floor. If she's not working, she's not making money. She can walk, but must lay down frequently to rest. The only position she can comfortably tolerate is laying on her stomach. I travel for work 2 out of every 4-5 weeks and don't have the flexibility to change my schedule. If the doctor prescribes the appropriate amount of pain medication so that she can sit, she's essentially drunk, therefore can't drive, work, or safely care for our family while I'm away. This is the main reason why we opted for surgery instead of giving it six months to see if it would resolve itself. All of the doctors involved discussed waiting to see if it would heal on its own, but once we described our situation, they all agreed that surgery would be the best available option. But Aetna figures out how to decline approval, because at the end of the day it's about the financial health and well being of the investors, not the physical health and well being of the people and companies that pay your salaries. This also isn't specific to Aetna. I had a previous incident with another provider years ago where the doctor kept me overnight for observation and insurance refused to pay. I sincerely hope that my son does not have to deal with this when he is of age.

  • Hey! We mentioned you on our list of 100 Most Innovative Large Companies of 2018! Check our article and share your thoughts with us!

  • Never get Aetna Dental,a word to the wise is sufficient.

  • In honor of National Women’s Health Week, we asked three women what they wish they had known about health. We share their stories to stress the importance of having an open dialogue. It’s the first step towards a healthy mind, body and spirit! #NWHW

  • Anybody else having problems with this insurance.? I have it. I went to the Dr. had labs done because I have to keep track of my blood because i get very anemic. Stay healthy. Sure. Then the labs were sent out to Lab Corp. The insurance are saying that the bill to them came from Pathology Asso. Med Lab. Ok . Lab Corp bought them out in Feb 23, 2017. Don't you think by now they should know this? Just want you all to know.

  • how do i cancel a service i never had?

  • why does Aetna threaten a penalty after 63 days when medicare states we have 3 months?

  • Worst dental insurance on the market,any other company is better then Aetna.

  • 1 Symbicort Inhaler with you will cost me $90.00?????? Before you I was able to get three ( 3 ) months for $111.00. What the heck? Don't you negotiate? I just got off the phone with customer service Kendra at 2:42pm 05/14/20018 and what I got was no customer service. Stuck to the script and I was and am not happy. I will call everyone that I know and complain because this is absurd.

  • This company in just like any outher insurance company. Nothing but theafes. I pay in to a flexible spending card. Last year I had money on my card. But I couldn't use it because I didn't reinroll. Even though they kept talking my money finally after I bitched. They let me use it but it was to late. I paid it out if my own pocket. So this year I did what they said. I tried to re-enroll. But was told that I rolled my money over last year. So I had to use itbymay 31 or loss all my money.well thank you Aetna. You provide to me you are nothing but theafes. Just like I thought. Go suck the dick of a few more politions. Then you can screw some more people.

  • This is getting ridiculous. I have asked for a supervisor's name and extension. You won't give me one. I have asked for email communication because it is difficult for me to answer the phone during work, but no one will leave their contact or extension numbers for me to call at my convenience, even though they say to call them back. Then when I ask for these contact numbers I'm told to call customer service number on the insurance card instead - the same people that don't seem to have a good answer, and each time I'm starting over trying to explain the problem. Most of the time, they don't even understand. This is a poor excuse for customer service. There must be a social media supervisor that I can contact. Please respond with a first name and phone number

  • Dear Aetna, I am extremely dissatisfied with a recent change in your policy. For whatever reason, my specialty medication is now mandatorily being processed through Aetna Specialty Pharmacy. It is a refrigerated infusion medication (Remicade) that has always been handled through my doctor's office -- because they know best what needs to be done with it. I just show up, the medication is mixed, and then delivered. Now, the change in pharmacy fulfillment has been forced upon me, and I am dealing with customer support professionals who don't seem to understand I am not ordering a bottle of pills. I do not know where it needs to be shipped, or if it is being handled properly. Inexplicably, my copay has gone up from $50 at my doctor's office to $75 -- which, if I don't pay up-front, they will refuse to ship my (very much needed on a timely basis) medication. I have so far refused to pay until I can be sure that my medication is being fulfilled properly, and the co-pay lowered to match what it should be and has historically been on my plan. I do not know if my refusal to pay is messing with my medication timeline (next infusion due 6/15). I have also been told that this is a mandatory change, and I cannot request to go back to the MUCH GREATLY PREFERRED buy and bill process through my doctor's office. If there is any possible way that you can arrange this, I'd really appreciate it. I do not have the confidence of detail in my specialty medication that I am expressing my needs clearly enough and would much prefer that they handle it!

  • For the past 6 months I have been trying to get a check reissued. The check was from Aetna to me and expired before I cashed it. I have called all levels of your organization including your CEO with no response. Can you please tell me whom I should write to who can help me by reissuing the check. Thank you

  • Depression affects 6.5 million Americans 65 and up.

  • There are simply too many words to describe how great moms are. But here are three. Tag a special mom in your life, and remind her what she means to you. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Current law states that I can stay on my parents insurance till I’m 26, so why in the world are you telling them today I was mysteriously cut off at 23 with NO notification? You all are horrible.


  • So frustrated with Aetna Insurance how can one claim be paid and some not Aetna’s explanation is it’s considered EXPERIMENTAL. How can a Initial Visit for Cardiac Rehab be experimental would love to see the credentials of these people that are reviewing claims are they reading from a list or actually reviewing it Time to check into the HIPA privacy laws

  • Too bad my COVA HealthAware Plan would prefer to take money from me instead of Celgene! They will pay 100% of my perscription but you would prefer to take money from me. Nice! And I pay you to do this to me.