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Freddie Mac promotes diversity and inclusion in contracting opportunities for minorities, women, and persons with disabilities, and minority-, women-, and disabled-owned businesses. We welcome all qualified diverse suppliers to view and consider Freddie Mac’s potential sourcing opportunities.

To be a potential diverse supplier at Freddie Mac you must meet the following minimum qualifications.

  • Have an established place of business, been in business for at least one year, and be able to provide revenue amounts for the current year.
  • Cannot acquire more than 70 percent of your revenue from Freddie Mac at the time of registration.
  • Be able to provide, upon request, a certificate of insurance for the type and/or the level of business you wish to conduct with Freddie Mac.
  • Be able to provide Freddie Mac with a W-9 form.
  • Maintain at least three W-2 employees.
  • Qualify as a diverse supplier based on the diverse supplier definitions outlined below.
  • Be able to provide a third party diversity certificate (if applicable).

Minority-Owned Business

  • More than 50% of the ownership or control of which is held by one or more minority individuals; and
  • More than 50% of the net profit or loss of which accrues to one or more minority individuals.
  • Minority means any Black (or African) American, Native American (or American Indian), Hispanic (or Latino) American, or Asian American.

Women-Owned Business

  • More than 50% of the ownership or control of which is held by one or more women;
  • More than 50% of the net profit or loss of which accrues to one or more women; and
  • A significant percentage of senior management positions are held by women.

Disabled-Owned Business

  • More than 50% of the ownership or control of which is held by one or more persons with a disability; and
  • More than 50% of the net profit or loss of which accrues to one or more persons with a disability.Disability has the meaning defined in 29 C.F.R. § 1630.2(g), § 1630.3 and Appendix to Part 1630 – Interpretive Guidance on Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Business

  • Not less than 51% of which is owned by one or more service-disabled veterans, or in the case of any publicly owned business, not less than 51% of the stock of which is owned by one or more service-disabled veterans; and
  • The management and daily business operations of which are controlled by one or more service-disabled veterans, or in the case of a veteran with a permanent and severe disability, a spouse or permanent caregiver of such veteran.Service Disabled Veteran has the meaning described by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs at

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender-Owned Business (or GLBT-Owned Business)

  • At least 51% of which is owned, operated, managed and controlled by one or more gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender persons who are either United States citizens or lawful permanent residents;
  • That exercises independence from any non-gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender-owned business enterprise;
  • With its principal place of business (headquarters) in the United States; and
    Formed as a legal entity in the United States.This definition is from the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.



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  • This highly improper and unjustified change to award a disinterested third party the real estate belonging to the Defendants smells of corruption and fraud on the part of the Supreme Court, Judge Colaiacova and Rosicki, Rosicki and Associates, to award the summary judgment in the case being appealed to FNMA, a party that is NOT and NEVER HAS BEEN retained by or represented by the mortgage foreclosure mill Rosicki, Rosicki and Associates. FNMA is not a holder in due course of any Note or security instrument involving the property being molested by the original Plaintiff HSBC and their co-conspirators in the fraud, involving Judge Colaiacovo the mortgage foreclosure mill Rosicki, Rosicki and Associates and HSBC BANK USA, NA- the original Plaintiff. See EXHIBIT (THREE) copy of notice of appeal with proof of filing and Notarized affidavit of service of the notice of appeal

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