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With 106 acres to explore, thousands of animals to visit, and a huge variety of family activities, the Dallas Zoo is enormously entertaining! Our goal is to make your visit an exciting adventure with opportunities to learn about interesting wildlife, engage in interactive fun, and support worldwide conservation and research to protect and preserve endangered species. Our mission is to support the Dallas Zoo as an outstanding center of education, entertainment and wildlife conservation.

We exist to broaden support for worldwide conservation efforts by creating an environment which allows our community and visitors to experience dramatic, engaging and diverse presentations for the living plant and animal world through excellent animal management, solid conservation science (research) and dynamic educational programs.

Zoo Facts:

*The Dallas Zoo was founded in 1888, making it the first zoological park in the Southwest.

*Our park covers 106 developed acres! In terms of landmass, it’s the largest zoological park in Texas.

*The giant giraffe sculpture marking the Zoo’s entrance is 67½ feet tall!

*We provide care for a wide variety of animals and are involved in conservation and breeding programs for numerous endangered species.

*The Dallas Zoo is widely recognized for the new Giants of the Savanna exhibit, the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo, the Wilds of Africa with the Monorail Safari, and the Jake L. Hamon Gorilla Conservation Research Center.

DallasZoo imag006
650 South R.L. Thornton Freeway (I-35E), Dallas, TX 75203.

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  • #WORLDGORILLADAY: Today marks the 16th anniversary of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International’s Karisoke Research Center, which is the longest running field site dedicated to gorilla research and conservation. In honor of this special day, we sat down with Assistant Great Ape Supervisor Tamara Jochem to talk about how much baby Saambili has grown since her birth on June 25, 2018. Today is not only about celebrating these magnificent animals – we are also reminded of the very serious threats they face in the wild. YOU can make a difference! Get the inside scoop on all things Saambili, and learn a few simple actions you can take to help support gorillas conservation efforts everyday on ZooHoo!:

  • Adventure? ✔️ Danger? ✔️ Monday Night Plans? ✔️ Join us tomorrow night at Alamo Drafthouse Dallas / Fort Worth for a special screening of Into the Okavango, presented by our friends at EARTHxFilm. And stay after the movie for a Q&A with filmmaker Neil Galinas!

  • That's a wrap on our 17th annual ExxonMobil Science Day at the Dallas Zoo! Hundreds of teachers spent the day discovering innovative ways to bring science and conservation to life in their classrooms and in their curriculum through hands-on activities and real-world connections. Educators from the Zoo and Children's Aquarium at Fair Park worked alongside our community partners to make it a fun and engaging day at the Zoo. Thanks to the more than 15 community partners who braved the threat of rain to ensure Science Day was a success yet again! And a special thank you to our event sponsor ExxonMobil for all you do to support education initiatives that are shaping the leaders of tomorrow. #DallasZooScienceDay

  • HEADS UP! We’ll be closing at 4 p.m. today to set up for a private event. That still leaves plenty of time for Science Day fun though. 😉

  • IT'S #SAAMBILISATURDAY: And also the first day of fall. Could life be any better? 🧡 🎥 Keeper Tara S.

  • We're back on the grid! All power has officially been restored. Thanks for being patient with us! 😃 WEATHER UPDATE: Parts of the Zoo are without power this morning after the storms last night. We're working with the utility company to get power restored as quickly as we can. Didn't want you to be "in the dark" about what's going on here! 😉 We'll update social and our website to let you know when we're at full power again!

  • HAPPY HIPPOS: It's good to be a Dallas Zoo hippo on #NTxGivingDay! Here's a video of Boipelo and Adhama enjoying some delicious apples and lettuce – their favorite treats – to say THANK YOU for supporting us today!

  • THERE'S STILL TIME TO GIVE!: Help us close out #NTxGivingDay the best way -- with happy hippos! To celebrate the end of a successful day of giving, your favorite "river horses," Boipelo and Adhama will get a special something. (And obviously, we’ll post the video!) GIVE NOW:

  • THANK YOU!: We've made it to $15,000 in #NTxGivingDay donations! Our lions are very grateful. They said to tell you "yummmm, thx." Your support on North Texas Giving Day means the world to us! So while our lionesses are enjoying their treat, we ask that you keep giving: One final challenge coming soon!

  • WE LOVE OUR LIONS: So here's the next #NTxGivingDay challenge! Get us up to $15,000, and we’ll give these lovely ladies a well-deserved frozen treat. Of course, there’ll be video proof. 😉 Bahati has her hopes up! Don't let her down! DONATE HERE:

  • WOOHOO!: You did it! We reached $10,000 so as promised, we're treating our adorable meerkat mob to some wood wool enrichment. Keepers have hidden some delicious meat chunks in the wood wool, and since meerkats LOVE to dig, they are having a blast right now! 😃 Our goal today is to raise $30,000 to put towards giving our animals the best care possible. So we’ve got another challenge coming up – stay tuned! #NTxGivingDay GIVE NOW:

  • GET UP AND GIVE: Rise and shine! North Texas Giving Day​ is in full swing, and we’ve got a challenge for you! If you get us to $10,000 this morning, our meerkats will get a fun treat, and we'll share the video with you! They’ve been so well-behaved…Let’s reward them.😃 #NTxGivingDay DONATE NOW: 📸 Keeper Paige G.

  • VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM BABY BAHATI: Tomorrow is North Texas Giving Day, and we need your support! Donations we receive on #NTxGD are boosted by bonus funds from the Communities Foundation of Texas, which means they go even farther towards helping us Create A Better World for Animals! You can also help us get ahead of the curve by scheduling your gift NOW: P.S. Keep an eye out for some extra fun content from us throughout the day tomorrow. We won't spoil it for you, but it's gonna be pretty great. 😉

  • What we all wish we were doing right about now...🐘💦

  • Happy Monday! If these two don’t make you feel warm and fuzzy, we don’t know what will. 😉 📷: Bob Peterson

  • #NTxGIVINGDAY: We wouldn’t be the amazing zoo we are without your support! We ARE the largest zoo in Texas and one of the top ten best in the nation, after all! 😉 This North Texas Giving Day (Sept. 20), we hope you’ll consider supporting the Dallas Zoo. Your gift makes even more of an impact on #NTxGD with the help of bonus funds from the Communities Foundation of Texas. This means that your money goes farther toward helping us Create a Better World for Animals! You can schedule your gift now by visiting And come visit us today at NorthPark Center for the official NTxGD kick-off! We’ll be there with some of our animal ambassadors to get NTxGD started, Zoo-style! 🦁🐯🦒

  • When your baby falls asleep, and you finally get some quiet time. 😌 Happy #SaambiliSaturday, everyone! Don't forget, tomorrow is the last day for members to see Saambili and family at 8 a.m., one hour before we open. Become a member NOW, and take advantage of this and other members-only events:

  • #FLASHBACKFRIDAY: Many a good time was had at our inaugural Brew at the Zoo two weeks ago! 🍻 Great beer (120+ beers and ciders from 32 local and national breweries to be exact 😉). Great music (courtesy of The Texas Gentlemen and The Suffers). Great Cause (proceeds benefited our conservation efforts). What could be better?

  • Please excuse us while we brag about our match-making skills for a minute! 😏 We were the FIRST zoo in North America to successfully reproduce perentie monitors. In fact, we've got some babies right now! These little ones are being cared for behind the scenes by our amazing reptile team. Aren't they cute? Perentie monitors are the largest lizard in Australia, and they commonly eat rabbits, wombats, and even small kangaroos! These lizards are declining in number and not commonly housed in zoos outside of Australia, so we’re very proud to have them thriving under our care. Come visit them in the Herpetarium!

  • GIANT LOVE: Our favorite giant anteaters Tullah and Jimi are celebrating 3 years together this summer! ❤️ At 8 years old, Tullah definitely calls the shots, while 4-year-old Jimi is just here for free avocado treats and midday swims. 😉 Fun fact: Giant anteaters can grow to be 7 feet long from nose to tail! And they use their 2-foot-long tongues to snag up to 30,000 ants and termites a day.

  • WATCH OUR TEXAS HORNED LIZARD RELEASE: Remember those Texas horned lizard (a.k.a. "horny toad") hatchlings we showed you last week? They have officially settled into their new home in the wild, at Mason Mountain Wildlife Management Area! We are thrilled to be part of this important project to restore horned lizard populations across the state. Our connection to Texas horned lizard conservation has been going strong for almost 10 years, but releasing hatchlings back into the wild has always been the ultimate goal. It's an especially proud moment for us at the Dallas Zoo - this was our FIRST EVER WILD RELEASE of animals born in our care, and what we hope is the first of more to come.

  • We think Poppet the meerkat has been up to no good...🤔 📸 Keeper Paige G.

  • WE NEED YOUR VOTES: Please help us make our very own Ben Jones a national hero! Our Sr. Director of Conservation is one of 10 finalists (out of 95 submissions) in the AZA’s “Find Our Heroes” video contest based on a video he made about his dedication to conservation. Voting Ben into the top four means he will be featured in a national ad campaign to help promote the amazing work done at zoos and aquariums nationwide! Here’s how you can help: • Go to - you can watch Ben’s video, and then scroll to the bottom to vote • Vote on ALL YOUR DEVICES, DAILY – voting is open until Sept. 12 • Share across social media - ask your friends and family to help make Ben a HERO! #WeAreAZA

  • SAAMBILI IS STEALING HEARTS! ❤️ Member-only morning viewing hours with Saambili and her family start TODAY and last until Sept.16! Don’t miss out! Become a member:

  • #SAAMBILISATURDAY: It's the BEST day of the week! It warms our hearts every single day to see the incredibly strong bond this family shares. ❤️