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With 106 acres to explore, thousands of animals to visit, and a huge variety of family activities, the Dallas Zoo is enormously entertaining! Our goal is to make your visit an exciting adventure with opportunities to learn about interesting wildlife, engage in interactive fun, and support worldwide conservation and research to protect and preserve endangered species. Our mission is to support the Dallas Zoo as an outstanding center of education, entertainment and wildlife conservation.

We exist to broaden support for worldwide conservation efforts by creating an environment which allows our community and visitors to experience dramatic, engaging and diverse presentations for the living plant and animal world through excellent animal management, solid conservation science (research) and dynamic educational programs.

Zoo Facts:

*The Dallas Zoo was founded in 1888, making it the first zoological park in the Southwest.

*Our park covers 106 developed acres! In terms of landmass, it’s the largest zoological park in Texas.

*The giant giraffe sculpture marking the Zoo’s entrance is 67½ feet tall!

*We provide care for a wide variety of animals and are involved in conservation and breeding programs for numerous endangered species.

*The Dallas Zoo is widely recognized for the new Giants of the Savanna exhibit, the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo, the Wilds of Africa with the Monorail Safari, and the Jake L. Hamon Gorilla Conservation Research Center.

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650 South R.L. Thornton Freeway (I-35E), Dallas, TX 75203.

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  • Hi, Saambili. 👋 You have our heart. ❤️ (In case you missed it: Our baby gorilla's name and gender reveal -

  • How well do you know sharks? Swedish Fish is the Official Candy of Discovery’s Shark Week, which kicks off this Sunday! Test your shark knowledge with the “Swedish Fish Chomped!” Sweepstakes and you could score a Family 4-Pack of Dallas Zoo tickets AND a trip to Hawaii for 4 (bonus: it includes a shark encounter)! Play here: #SwedishFish

  • KEEPERS & TATTOOS V: "Our former matriarch named Mama was a special elephant who taught me so much as a keeper, and she was such an important part of our herd. She was strong, independent, and really made you work to gain her trust – but I knew when I had it, and that connection meant so much to me. It was the little things with her; the look in her eye, the quiet rumbles, the subtleties in behavior. Saying goodbye was hard but it's an inevitable part of working with animals. Now she’s always by my side and serves as a reminder to always do the best I can for the animals in my care." ~ Katrina B. #NationalZooKeeperWeek #NZKW18

  • IT'S A GIRL!: Our first baby gorilla born in 20 years is a GIRL and her name is Saambili (sam-BEE-lee). We’ve named her after an influential Congolese gorilla caretaker, Aldegonde Saambili, who works with our partner GRACE (Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center) in the Democratic Republic of Congo caring for critically endangered orphaned gorillas. Watch this MUST SEE video of the moment Aldegonde Saambili learned we named our baby after her. MORE DETAILS & PHOTOS on the naming of our sweet baby girl:

  • KEEPERS & TATTOOS IV: "I’ve been a zookeeper for 20 years now. As a reptile and amphibian keeper, I don’t bond with every animal I’ve worked with, although there are definitely a few that stand out. Mambas, Texas horned lizards, and crocodile monitors all have a special place in my heart. Everyone gets tattoos for different reasons, and I tend to use tattoos as therapy. These animals and their images have helped me through many of life’s challenges." ~ Bradley L. *Follow us over the next week as we feature our amazing keepers and some of their unique animal tattoos in honor of #NationalZookeeperWeek. #NZKW18

  • SHARK WEEK FUN: Kick-off Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week at our affiliated Children's Aquarium at Fair Park! This Friday-Sunday is Shark Days at the Aquarium, featuring special programming like shark chats, shark crafts, stingray feedings, scavenger hunts, and more. So come on down and dive into this fin-tastic weekend celebrating sharks!

  • IT'S DOLLAR DAY: Every child everywhere on Dollar Day! 👇 It's definitely not too early to wade through The Stream in our Lacerte Family Children's Zoo. We're open until 5 p.m. today for our annual summer Dollar Day. Admission is just $1 per person, children 2 and under are free! Dollar Day prices: $1 face painting on Cat Green $1 canned water $1 bird food at Travis and Zach’s Birds Landing $2 hot dogs, sodas, and chips $2 Endangered Species Carousel rides $2 T-Rex Express mini-train $5 giraffe feedings $10 parking (limited) Thanks to Oncor, MetroPCS, and Children’s Health, we're able to give back to our amazing community with $1 admission! (Read our Dollar Day tips:

  • KEEPERS & TATTOOS III: “My Livingstone's fruit bat tattoo is an incredible conversation starter. It’s a simple way for me to talk about my favorite mammal, and one of the most critically endangered species in the world, with complete strangers. Growing up in Iowa, I would watch bats fly overhead and catch insects in the dark; it sparked a curiosity in me to understand them better. Bats are unbelievably complex and constantly misunderstood. With more than 1,200 species, making up 20% of the mammal population, these animals play a pivotal role in insect control and are critical pollinators. We take for granted how such a minute creature can play such an enormous role in our ecosystem. I take great pride in having such a bold piece of artwork exemplify how amazing these creatures are.” ~ Shana F. *Follow us over the next week as we feature our amazing keepers and some of their unique animal tattoos in honor of #NationalZookeeperWeek. #NZKW18 #NationalTattooDay

  • TIPS FOR DOLLAR DAY: TOMORROW (July 19) is our annual summer Dollar Day from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.! As always, admission is just $1 per person (children 2 and under are free). Other prices include: $1 face painting on Cat Green $1 canned water $1 bird food at Travis and Zach’s Birds Landing $2 hot dogs, sodas, and chips $2 Endangered Species Carousel rides $2 T-Rex Express mini-train $5 giraffe feedings $10 parking (limited) We expect high temps, big crowds and tons of excitement. We've put together some much-needed tips to help you get the most out of Dollar Day!: *Don't forget to take the DART Red Line to our entrance to avoid traffic and parking. And get here early!

  • Mom Hope and her baby share a moment with troop member Megan. ❤️

  • GORILLA ULTRASOUND: Here's a look back at the incredible ultrasound training we were able to do with mom Hope throughout her 8.5-month pregnancy. This behind-the-scenes video captures the relationship keepers have built with Hope to allow this positive reinforcement training to happen.

  • KEEPERS & TATTOOS II: "Chimp Kona was a little brother to me, our relationship was so special and losing him was absolutely devastating. I knew I wanted him with me, but I could never find a tattoo design that felt right. A year after he passed away, I came across a 1931 copy of 'The Mentality of Apes,' the book that Dr. Jane Goodall took into the field with her in 1960. One of the first pages had a simple sketch of a chimp and I immediately knew that was the right design. I had a wonderful artist who was able to bring Kona into a piece of history that was carried by my hero to one of the most pivotal study sites in the history of conservation. Now I get to carry my memories of him with me every day, and my inspiration for the protection of this species." ~ William B. *Follow us over the next week as we feature our amazing keepers and some of their unique animal tattoos in honor of #NationalZookeeperWeek. #NZKW18 #NationalTattooDay

  • KEEPERS & TATTOOS I: "This mandrill skull represents so much. First, it's a bond between my dad and I - we've always been into skulls. They're beautiful, organic structures that make up our entire being. And mandrills were the first animal I worked with at the Dallas Zoo; they made me feel at home. Mandrills have super-ornate skulls that are unique to their species. The male's skull gets larger and more ornate as they become dominant. I was able to find my groove as a zookeeper with these monkeys. And my personality is totally mandrill - Obi is my spirit animal." ~ Annie B. *Follow us over the next week as we feature our amazing keepers and some of their unique animal tattoos in honor of #NationalZookeeperWeek.

  • HAPPY #NATIONALICECREAMDAY: This national holiday is the cherry on top of our sweet weekend. Check out how we celebrated...Zoo style. Cheetah siblings Bonde and Kilima shared a tasty ice treat with sugar-free whipped cream and all. Shoutout to our creative keepers for making this delicious-looking delight! We love the lengths our staff go to in order to provide new food enrichment for our animals.

  • LAST SAFARI NIGHTS CALL: Tonight is your LAST CHANCE to come out to Safari Nights Presented by Reliant! The O's are finishing up our summer concert series at 7 p.m. with their popular tunes that have been heard around the world. Come early to enjoy the Zoo, pre-show activities, food truck fare, and our craft beer garden. Let's make this last concert epic!

  • CRAFTING CRANES: Our summer interns are crafty for conservation. The past few weeks, the group has painted, welded, sewn, and folded to create art and other products featuring the majestic whooping crane. This weekend they hope their hard work pays off as they attempt to use these products to raise funds to support whooping crane conservation. You can catch them in the Breezeway in ZooNorth during business hours until Sunday, Jul 15th. Read more about the Whooping Crane Conservation project here:

  • CALLING ALL YOGIS: Get your tickets now! Grab your mat and reusable water bottle and head to the Zoo bright and early for a yoga class! Designed for all skill levels and for ages 14 & up. All proceeds will benefit the Dallas Zoo's wildlife conservation efforts. Join us Sunday, July 15 from 8-9 a.m. (Check-in begins at 7:30 a.m.) Pre-registration is $25 per person. Register now:

  • OUR COMMUNITY MATTERS: We’ll take any opportunity to connect kids with nature and foster the next generation of conservationists. We recently welcomed an amazing group of homeless and disadvantaged high schoolers with Groundwork Dallas. These teens got their hands dirty and helped us restore pollinator habitat on campus, while we talked about careers in conservation and why protecting our planet matters. The next day, we welcomed a big group of 180 members to finish the job. Our member families dedicated their Saturday morning to planting 800 milkweed and native nectar plants in the Zoo. With a 90% decline in monarch butterfly populations over the past decade, these critical pollinators need immediate conservation action. With Dallas located on a major butterfly migration route, we take our role very seriously in creating a better world for animals.

  • Every parent's goal - sleep when baby sleeps (no matter the position). Mom Hope continues to amaze us. 😭 (Photo captured behind the scenes by keeper Annie B.)

  • Check out our last video with CNN's Great Big Story featuring the stunning critically endangered gooty sapphire tarantula. Keeper Amber Faasen manages the The Association of Zoos and Aquariums studbook that serves as the blueprint for the entire population of gooty sapphire tarantulas in North American zoos. Think of it as eHarmony meets for the animal kingdom, outlining family trees and genetic diversity to identify breeding pairs for AZA-accredited zoos. We're proud to ensure the gooty sapphire tarantula gene pool remains healthy and sound.

  • ZOO IT YOURSELF: We have an easy summer project to share with y'all that will make your pup's day! Grab some old tees and create a recycled t-shirt toy. WATCH our ZIY (Zoo It Yourself) video on our YouTube channel:! We shared ours with birthday-boy Amani and he went wild. (Remember to always supervise playtime with pets.)

  • OTTERLY FABULOUS: That time we celebrated #InternationalMudDay in the park and so did our otters. 😍 🎥: keeper Marie F.

  • CHICKS GALORE: Our bird team had another epic hatching season (what's new??) and they're still not done! Get the low-down on some of our most significant baby birds:

  • Hope is mom goals. She's protective, nurturing, attentive and so much more. Cheers to this amazing mama. ❤️

  • Score free Swedish Fish candy today from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. as they visit zoos and aquariums across the nation. Look for the big Swedish Fish truck near our main ticket booths. And snap a photo on this cool 3-D photo graphic at our front entry plaza!