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With 106 acres to explore, thousands of animals to visit, and a huge variety of family activities, the Dallas Zoo is enormously entertaining! Our goal is to make your visit an exciting adventure with opportunities to learn about interesting wildlife, engage in interactive fun, and support worldwide conservation and research to protect and preserve endangered species. Our mission is to support the Dallas Zoo as an outstanding center of education, entertainment and wildlife conservation.

We exist to broaden support for worldwide conservation efforts by creating an environment which allows our community and visitors to experience dramatic, engaging and diverse presentations for the living plant and animal world through excellent animal management, solid conservation science (research) and dynamic educational programs.

Zoo Facts:

*The Dallas Zoo was founded in 1888, making it the first zoological park in the Southwest.

*Our park covers 106 developed acres! In terms of landmass, it’s the largest zoological park in Texas.

*The giant giraffe sculpture marking the Zoo’s entrance is 67½ feet tall!

*We provide care for a wide variety of animals and are involved in conservation and breeding programs for numerous endangered species.

*The Dallas Zoo is widely recognized for the new Giants of the Savanna exhibit, the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo, the Wilds of Africa with the Monorail Safari, and the Jake L. Hamon Gorilla Conservation Research Center.

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650 South R.L. Thornton Freeway (I-35E), Dallas, TX 75203.

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  • TGIF: With Friday comes the start of the weekend, and we have your weekend plans right here! Come out to Safari Nights Presented by Reliant to hear Texas Flood, a local premier blues band that pays tribute to classic blues artists while also adding in their own original style. Pre-show activities start at 6 p.m., and Texas Flood will take the Sprint Stage at 7 p.m. Hope to see you there!

  • #EndangeredSpeciesDay: All animals deserve our respect, compassion and care, especially endangered species. In case you were wondering how your Dallas Zoo is working to end extinction, here’s what we accomplished in 2017: - We donated more than $347,000 to wildlife conservation efforts. - We supported more than 77 conservation field projects – that’s saving species in 26+ counties. - Our Wild Earth Action Team removed 7 tons of litter from Texas waterways and planted 10,000 trees. - More than 32,000 guests made conservation pledges for pro-environmental behavior on behalf of animals everywhere. Join us in our fight to create a better world for animals. Become a member ( Donate to our conservation fund ( Volunteer with us ( And speak up for the good work The Association of Zoos and Aquariums does.

  • In case you missed this fella's 2nd birthday. 🐘❤️

  • INSIDE THE ZOO: HOSPITAL, Ep. 4 In our FINAL episode, we're taking you inside our hospital like we've never done before. Meet our 3 veterinarians as they perform lifesaving surgeries on Sumatran tiger Hadiah and Galápagos tortoise Twelve, and watch them perform a quarantine exit exam on our new chimps before they join the troop. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE: PS: Join us for a Facebook Live Q&A with our lead vet Dr. Chris Bonar next Friday (May 25) at 11:30 a.m. Get all your animal-related health questions ready! Dr. Bonar will also have some special animal guests join him. Don't miss this! *Subscribe to our YouTube channel (DallasZooTube) to get notified each time we post a new video!

  • Together for more than 15 years, with 11 babies together, our Bolivian gray titi monkeys know how to keep the love going! Adult titi monkeys form lifelong partnerships. Cory and Bolivia are often seen sitting in the Primate Place treetops with their tails intertwined while they groom one another. Cory is very protective of his leading lady and can’t stand to be away from her for very long ❤️ #relationshipgoals

  • VOLUME UP!: In honor of our baby elephant turning two, please enjoy this video of big, bad Ajabu showing a wild duck who's boss. (Side note: His little trumpet makes us melt.) Thanks to elephant keeper Alli B. for capturing this moment!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AJABU!: Our baby boy is 2 years old today! It's hard to believe it's been 24 months since we found this surprise calf in our elephant barn. If it wasn't for our commitment to save his mom Mlilo from drought-stricken Swaziland, Africa, this little guy wouldn't be here today, thriving in our care. It's all because we took a chance, a major one. Ajabu is now 1,560 pounds (that's a ton of growth from a 175-pound newborn!). His tusks are growing in, which makes him a little uncomfortable, similar to when babies teethe. He still nurses and will do so for another year. He's becoming more independent, but is still mama's boy. He loves to chase birds, push logs, dig holes, mud wallow, and play in the water cannon (err, more like, charge the water cannon like the big, bad boy he thinks he is). If you'd like to go down memory lane, read our favorite moments from Ajabu's first year of life and grab the tissues:

  • There's so much work that goes into being one of the nation's top zoos accredited by The Association of Zoos and Aquariums. We're part of a family of more than 230 institutions that are held to the highest standards of zoological care. As a nonprofit, we care for more than 2,000 animals in the park, but our mission far exceeds that. The Dallas Zoo donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to wildlife conservation efforts each year. We work hard to save species around the globe, and those in our backyard, like the Texas horned lizard. We turn city kids into nature explorers and defenders of wildlife. Accredited zoos have changed drastically in the past few decades and we won't stop getting better every day. We now know what it takes for animals to thrive in human care and we'll keep working to make their lives better with each new expansive, naturalistic habitat we build. We need all the support we can get, so thank you for believing in our work, and being part of our fight to create a better world for animals. SHARE if you love your AZA-accredited zoo or aquarium!

  • Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing, selfless moms out there. ❤️ This photo of Chrystal and her newborn son Witten is for you.

  • DON'T STOP BELIEVIN': Just a top 10 Zoo, featured on the local news. We took the evenin' DART goin’ anywhere. Everybody in a good mood, the smell of craft beer and tasty food. For a smile, we can share the night. It goes on and on, and on, and on (until 9 p.m.) Come see ESCAPE, a local Journey tribute band, TOMORROW at Safari Nights Presented by Reliant! Come at 6 p.m. to hear special keeper chats and to experience animal encounters. Then jam out to your Journey favorites when the band takes the Sprint Stage at 7! More info here:

  • "Love is using your bae as a step stool during the lettuce toss. 💚" ~ Megan Lumpkin, hippo supervisor We couldn't agree more.

  • Weighing a baby tamandua in four shots. You're welcome.

  • There's a #RebrandASpecies party going OFF on Twitter and you're a little late. Follow @DallasZoo as we play along with The Association of Zoos and Aquariums fam.

  • INSIDE THE ZOO: HOSPITAL, Ep. 3 In this episode, meet our amazing veterinary technicians as they go on a "house call" to treat our black mamba, and give pregnant tamandua Xena an ultrasound. These ladies are champs and we're proud to have them care for our animals! WATCH THE FULL EPISODE: *Subscribe to our YouTube channel (DallasZooTube) to get notified each time we post a new video!

  • TORTOISE RESCUE FIELD NOTES: We've been receiving great updates (when service is available) from Jorge Chavez, our tortoise expert who is currently in Madagascar helping with the largest tortoise rescue in the history of the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) after nearly 11,000 tortoises were confiscated from a home. Here's the latest from Jorge: "When we first arrived, we had the opportunity to meet with the local village and the elder of the village about the tortoise rescue locations. This was really a negotiation since the village is vital to the success of TSA's rescue locations. Thankfully, these people love the tortoises, and already chase away poachers. Right now, we have two locations: One north of Itampolo called Lavavuloo and one south called Vitann. The locals will likely be guarding it and helping with the maintenance of it as keepers. It will provide employment to them more or less. "We soaked and counted the tortoises at the Lavavuloo site, as the Vitann site is currently empty and has many access issues. We also split the pen into 4 separate enclosures. These will be temporary, because the coming waves of help from AZA-accredited zoos will have more permanent construction to do. "On Monday (April 30), we received 813 tortoises, which were joined by a government official and two armed guards from the Malagasy Government. We unloaded them into a temporary pen so we could get a good count and soak each one. After that, we released them into a larger pen, designated for their size. This has been an incredible experience so far!" Stay tuned for more updates from Jorge. We’ll post them as more progress is made! #savingspecies #zoosmatter

  • He sure does look like a Witten to us. 😍 (In case you missed it, we named our baby giraffe after Dallas Cowboys' retired football star Jason Witten:

  • A MAJOR VOLUNTEER DAY: We are so grateful to Fidelity Investments for giving back to the Zoo on #FidelityCares2018. After contributing a total of 837.5 hours, 395 Fidelity Investments staffers built a playhouse for our Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo; created 70 faux log browse feeders for our animals; and made 1,000 magnets from canvases that our animals painted on. More about our special day with them:

  • YOUR SATURDAY PLANS: Don't forget to come out to Safari Nights Presented by Reliant tomorrow! Pre-show activities begin at 6 p.m. and The Rosemont Kings will take the Sprint Stage at 7 p.m., playing some R&B classics and originals. In between sets, grab food truck fare, visit our craft beer garden, and enjoy after-hour animal experiences. The sun will be shining tomorrow, so put away those umbrellas and jam out with us! More details:

  • GENDER & NAME REVEAL!: We are thrilled to introduce you to (drum roll…) our newborn male giraffe calf named Witten! We are paying tribute to one of the best tight ends in history, Jason Witten, by naming our baby giraffe after the legendary retired Dallas Cowboys player. More details: In other GREAT news, your Dallas Zoo was named today as the nation’s 7th Best Zoo in the USA Today 10Best awards and our Simmons Hippo Outpost was voted as the 5th Best Zoo Exhibit! *Witten will make his public debut within the next 1-2 weeks – we promise to keep you posted! #ThankYouWitten #ThankYou82

  • Here's your Safari Nights experience in 50 glorious seconds. Presented by Reliant, we're jamming on Cat Green every Saturday evening through July 14. Safari Nights is FREE with paid Zoo admission, so bring your squad to explore the park during the day, and stay for the live music at night. This is your chance to enjoy the Zoo after dark! Check out this season's lineup:

  • Our Texas horned lizards have no idea they're CNN famous. BUT WE DO! FACT: Since 2010, Dallas Zoo’s reptile experts have worked on a 4,200-acre preserve in West Texas, collecting crucial data on the Texas horned lizard so conservationists can understand why our official state reptile is under threat. These iconic lizards, also known as horny toads, were once common, but have vanished in East and Central Texas, and are decreasing in North Texas, too, due to invasive fire ants, over-collection and habitat destruction. Each summer, our reptile team travels to the preserve to study the life history of the wild lizards, shedding valuable light on the ecology of this threatened native Texan. #zoosmatter

  • INSIDE THE ZOO: HOSPITAL, Ep. 2 Our hospital keepers have bragging rights to one really cool job. In our second episode, we’re sharing behind-the-scenes footage of new chimps, Kirk and Margaret, as they settle into a standard quarantine in our hospital before moving into their new home. We also dive into the incredible story of Galápagos tortoise Twelve – he entered our hospital over a year ago and has made a slow recovery, but will reunite with his tortoise crew soon. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE: *Subscribe to our YouTube channel (DallasZooTube) to get notified each time we post a new video!

  • What is it about baby giraffes that just makes you feel all mushy inside? 🦒 (In case you missed it, we announced our new calf yesterday:

  • GIRAFFE BIRTH: We'd never leave our Facebook followers hanging for too long – here's the much-anticipated video of Chrystal giving birth to her second-ever calf. The 5-foot-9, 130-pound baby arrived after a long two-and-a-half hour labor. This impressive little one was standing, walking, and nursing all within 45 minutes of delivery! Stay tuned, we'll announce the gender later this week. 😊

  • BIG BABY NEWS: Head over to Instagram (@dallaszoo) to meet our newest baby AND see amazing video of the birth! (The Zoo said cryptically.) 😉