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With 106 acres to explore, thousands of animals to visit, and a huge variety of family activities, the Dallas Zoo is enormously entertaining! Our goal is to make your visit an exciting adventure with opportunities to learn about interesting wildlife, engage in interactive fun, and support worldwide conservation and research to protect and preserve endangered species. Our mission is to support the Dallas Zoo as an outstanding center of education, entertainment and wildlife conservation.

We exist to broaden support for worldwide conservation efforts by creating an environment which allows our community and visitors to experience dramatic, engaging and diverse presentations for the living plant and animal world through excellent animal management, solid conservation science (research) and dynamic educational programs.

Zoo Facts:

*The Dallas Zoo was founded in 1888, making it the first zoological park in the Southwest.

*Our park covers 106 developed acres! In terms of landmass, it’s the largest zoological park in Texas.

*The giant giraffe sculpture marking the Zoo’s entrance is 67½ feet tall!

*We provide care for a wide variety of animals and are involved in conservation and breeding programs for numerous endangered species.

*The Dallas Zoo is widely recognized for the new Giants of the Savanna exhibit, the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo, the Wilds of Africa with the Monorail Safari, and the Jake L. Hamon Gorilla Conservation Research Center.

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650 South R.L. Thornton Freeway (I-35E), Dallas, TX 75203.

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  • WILD EARTH ACTION TEAM 💪: We set a goal to remove 10 tons of litter pollution from wildlife habitats this year, and our AMAZING Wild Earth Action Team worked hard this weekend to help us get there! They spent their Saturday cleaning up Joe’s Creek – an important haven for wildlife like migratory birds, egrets and heron. Learn more about the Wild Earth Action Team, and sign up to join them on their next trip HERE:

  • HAPPY #SAAMBILISATURDAY!: We can't believe how fast this little one is growing up. ❤️

  • DALLAS ZOO LIGHTS PRO TIPS: There’s so much to do and see at Dallas Zoo Lights presented by Reliant Energy ®, but don't worry – we're making it easy for you to get the most out of your night! Here are a few tips, straight from the #DallasZooLights pros: 🔹 Pro tip #1: Cozy up to the fire, and make your own s’mores at the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo. 🔹 Pro tip #2: Sip on some hot cocoa from Rudolph’s Sugar Shack. (Pssst…grown-ups, don’t forget to make yours extra special with a shot of Bailey’s and/or Peppermint Schnapps. 😉 ) 🔹 Pro tip #3: Say hi to Santa! He’s kind of a big deal. Find even more pro tips on ZooHoo!: Did we miss anything? If you’ve been to Dallas Zoo Lights and have your own pro tips to share, let us know in the comments!

  • Happy #WorldMonkeyDay + POP QUIZ! How well do you know our monkeys?? First person to comment below with the full names of all 7 species of monkey that we care for scores a Family 4-Pack of Dallas Zoo tickets! Fun fact: Monkeys have tails, apes do not. Zoo knowledge FTW. (But we're sure y'all knew that, because our followers are super smart). 👍

  • MUST WATCH – TORTOISE RESCUE UPDATE: Here’s an inside look at our journey to Madagascar earlier this year, where we sent tortoise expert Jorge Chavez and vet tech Cassandra Reid to assist in the emergency care and rehabilitation of over 10,000 radiated tortoises that were confiscated from a residential home. Led by the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA), we joined 20 other AZA-accredited institutions to rush to the aid of these tortoises. Unfortunately, there was another confiscation of about 7,000 tortoises not long after the initial rescue. However, the TSA, zoological experts and others continue to work with the locals there to better enable them to work through this crisis. The team also helped build a rehabilitation center where the tortoises can be housed and treated, safe from poachers, until they can be released back into the wild. We're beyond proud to have played a part in this unprecedented tortoise rescue. We won't ever stop lending boots-on-the-ground support to wildlife conservation efforts across the world.

  • We're feeling a 3 today. And maybe a little 1. What about you?

  • I'll wrap up my #TakeoverTuesday with a shout-out to one of my favorite animals, the Western diamondback rattlesnake. Rattlesnakes in my opinion, are among the most highly evolved animals on the planet. Adaptations include a rattle as a warning to stay away, heat-sensing pits that literally enable them to see in the dark and a highly potent venom, to name a few. They're stunning to look at too! Iconic and majestic, the Western diamondback was my favorite snake long before I first came across one in 2012 in West Texas, and several years later nothing has changed. Unfortunately these amazing animals are persecuted through some of their range in roundups, where they are needlessly slaughtered by the thousands. Rattlesnakes are a very important part of the ecosystem, helping control rodent populations that carry diseases dangerous to humans. We need them! If you encounter one, leave it alone. The last thing it wants to do is waste it's precious venom on you or I!

  • SOUND ON!: Many of our animals participate in training programs here at the reptile building. That includes the Nile crocodiles! On freezing cold days, or when we need to clean the pool, we shift them from their habitat to a heated building out back by ringing a cowbell. They're rewarded with their favorite meal, rabbits. Crocodiles are very intelligent, and recognize my voice when I call them! You can learn more about the crocodiles during our daily keeper chats at 2:45 pm. -Keeper Carl H. #TakeoverTuesday

  • We’re proud to be one of only a handful of AZA-accredited institutions to care for crocodile monitors. We have 10 of these guys in the reptile building, which is half of the entire AZA population! Crocodile monitors are the longest lizards in the world and have teeth that rival those of the Komodo dragon. They’re also incredibly smart. WATCH one of our crocodile monitors show off his target training skills: -Keeper Carl H. #TakeoverTuesday

  • MEET LEWIS & LOIS: Grand Caiman rock iguanas were quite literally on the verge of extinction just a few years ago. There were only about 25 left in the wild. Today their numbers are up to 600, thanks to aggressive recovery efforts. We’re delighted that these two gave us 5 hatchlings this year – a major win for the species! Stop by the Herpetarium and say hello to our favorite iguana couple on your next visit. -Keeper Carl H. #TakeoverTuesday

  • RULE #1 – KEEP YOUR COOL: We have one of the largest collections of venomous reptiles of any AZA-accredited zoo. From giant King cobras to tropical palm vipers that could fit in the palm of your hand! Dealing with venomous snakes is a part of the job I love the most. It can be challenging, and it requires all of your focus and concentration, as you are dealing with animals that can severely injure you or even worse. As with most potentially dangerous animals, venomous snakes are misunderstood. They only bite as a last resort and give us plenty of warning signs before resorting to a bite. Examples include rattling rattlesnakes, hissing puff adders, cottonmouths exposing their white mouths, and cobras spreading their hoods. We go through months of training to learn how to handle these animals safely. Venomous snakes periodically need to be fed, shifted to different habitats, and given routine medical treatments. We never touch venomous snakes with our hands, so all keepers that work with venomous snakes must be proficient with a hook, and have to be calm and confident enough to keep their cool in close proximity to a fast-moving, potentially deadly animal. We are all trained in venomous bite protocols and the immediate first aid that needs to be administered in the event of a snakebite, and we often do drills to keep us sharp! –Keeper Carl H. #TakeoverTuesday

  • KEEPER TAKEOVER – REPTILES & MORE 🦎:There’s never a dull moment in the Herpetarium: “I love how diverse our collection is,” Keeper Carl H. tells us. “I could be wrangling a 13-foot King cobra one minute and feeding salad to a tortoise the next.” We're handing the reigns over to Carl tomorrow for #TakeoverTuesday, so be sure to follow along to get an inside look at what he does!

  • “WHAT IS THAT?!?” You never know where you might run into our adventurous Lacerte Family Children's Zoo animals! The goats, kune kune pigs, and even the sheep love to explore the entire Zoo, from the tiger habitat to the Herpetarium. They get to stretch their legs and meet other species. These walks are just one of many ways that our animal staff go above and beyond keep our animals physically and mentally stimulated. "There are endless possibilities for adventure and exploring with our animals!" Read more from Animal Care Supervisor Lisa Van Slett on ZooHoo:

  • We're looking back at our favorite moment this week - our animals were spoiled on #WildlifeConservationDay with new enrichment items thanks to Yowie World! From pachyderms to primates, our animals explored new devices to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. BONUS: Yowie World will be out here TODAY with delicious chocolate samples for you to enjoy!

  • PHOTO CHALLENGE: SAAMBILI. IS. WALKING. And we need your help capturing it! This is a major squee!-worthy milestone, and we're throwing it out to our followers to see who snaps it FIRST. Comment below with photo or video proof of Saambili walking for a chance to win a Dallas Zoo ticket package (plus bragging rights, of course). We’ll share our favorites with a shout-out to the lucky photographer. Happy snapping! #SaambiliSaturday

  • AWE & WONDER: When children grow up connected to nature, they're likely to continue to inquire, explore, and protect our environment. That's what our new Wild Earth Preschool is all about! Learn more and register to join us for an upcoming Open House at

  • Are you tangled up in holiday lights? Don't know what to do or where to turn??...Fear not! Bring us your old string lights, and we'll keep them out of landfills by recycling them responsibly. Less waste in landfills will go a long way towards Creating a Better World for Animals! The collection bin is at our front gate throughout Dallas Zoo Lights and will stay out until January 13. Read more on ZooHoo!:

  • Emperor tamarins got their name because of their striking resemblance to the German emperor Wilhelm II, who had some pretty unique facial hair! Have you met Beni and Lettie yet?? Be sure to stop by the Tamarin Treetops in ZooNorth on your next visit!

  • You know that feeling when your baby is now the same size as you? In the cat world, it happens Way. Too. Fast. Bahati is not even 2 years old yet, and she already towers over mom Lina and is just 16 pounds shy of mom's 252-pound weight. In the words of parents everywhere: stop growing up! 😭

  • Check out Winspear, circa 2013. Isn’t he the cutest little fluff ball? 😍 All of that “fluff” serves a purpose! Cheetah cubs have tall hairs that run from their necks all the way to the base of their tails, called a mantle. Cheetah cubs’ mantles make them look like mean honey badgers, which scares away predators like lions and hyenas. Tough little kitties, huh? #InternationalCheetahDay

  • SOUND ON!: Tell your house cat he has some serious vocal competition. In honor of #InternationalCheetahDay, we’re sharing audio of cheetah Winspear’s happy purr. Just like domestic cats, cheetahs purr when they’re content - it’s just 10x louder! Today we’re reminded of the serious threats that these amazing cats face in the wild. Populations have dwindled to less than 7,000 individuals in Africa mainly due to habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict. For many years the Dallas Zoo has supported the world’s leading cheetah conservation organization, the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), to save these cats while there’s still time. But Africa’s most endangered feline needs a lot of help. We double-cat dare you to learn how you can help protect cheetahs today at

  • We couldn't let #InternationalCheetahDay end without giving some love to our other favorite cheetah siblings, Bonde and Kilima! To celebrate this special day, we let them go wild with some of their favorite enrichment items, courtesy of Yowie World. Here, Bonde is very intrigued by his enrichment, which is a ball filled with tasty meat chunks, but he got distracted for just a moment by our cameras. Silly boy. 😉

  • #MondayMorning mood. Anyone else?

  • Omg! Can you believe it's already December?? 😮 Happy #SaambiliSaturday, everyone. ❤️

  • TSAVO SEND-OFF: Today is bittersweet! Tsavo, the second-youngest member of our giraffe herd, has moved to Fresno Chaffee Zoo based on recommendations by the Species Survival Plan (SSP). Earlier this week, he boarded a giant 14-foot trailer specially designed for transporting large (and tall!) animals like giraffe. Tsavo was closely monitored along the way and has arrived safely in Fresno. In the wild, male giraffes will leave their family herd once they reach maturity, so we knew this time would come eventually! But the Fresno Chaffee Zoo is another great institution accredited by The Association of Zoos and Aquariums, so we know Tsavo is in the best hands. Join us in wishing him well at his new home in Fresno!